Vision and Values Masterclass

Join us for a Vision and Values Masterclass. A half-day practical workshop on establishing a compelling vision and aspirational set of core values.
Vision and Values Masterclass

So you may know your purpose and you may know what you want to achieve in your strategy, but you may not be sure how to get that message through to your people. Learn how to identify a powerful vision for your team members and underpin it with core values that drives the behaviour and impact of your team.

This workshop will provide you with the following:

  • A guided process and tools for establishing a vision for your team that is aligned with the organisational purpose and goals.
  • A framework and tools for identifying your core values as a basis for your culture.

Session one

  • How to establish a vision that is clear, succinct and aligned to your organisation’s purpose.

Session two

  • Identify and establish the core values that are most relevant and important to your team.

This Masterclass is facilitated by John Mullins & Gary Willmott. It includes all the materials to help your team establish a compelling vision and aspirational set of core values for your company.

Pricing: R
per Masterclass (½ day with 2 sessions & 2 facilitators) with up to 15 trainees.
Price on request for larger teams.

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