Fearless Feedback Masterclass

Join our Fearless Feedback Masterclass. A half-day practical workshop on how to give honest feedback to improve individual and team effectiveness.
Fearless Feedback Masterclass

Through relatable personal stories, we provide your team with a framework and a shared vocabulary to help improve feedback and create a culture of growth based on trust and guidance.

Session one: Developing Trust

  • The foundations for honest and fearless feedback.
  • Introduction to the fearless feedback framework.
  • Explore your unique personal feedback personality profile.
  • How to build relationships of care and trust.

Session two: Confronting with Care

  • The key steps to providing honest, specific  and caring feedback.
  • How to reduce fear of feedback.
  • Manage the emotional response to feedback.
  • How to create insight and consensus for growth and change.

This Masterclass workshop is facilitated by John Mullins & Gary Willmott. It includes all the materials to get you started with building a culture of fearless feedback.

Pricing: R
per Masterclass (½ day with 2 sessions & 2 facilitators) with up to 15 trainees.
Price on request for larger teams.

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