How to create a Culture-Driven Company

Join us for a Company Culture Masterclass. A half-day practical workshop on how to embed your core values and culture into everyday team operations.
How to create a Culture-Driven Company

To truly call yourself a "values-driven" business, you must do more than just talk about your values. You need to lead by example and create a culture where every team member is inspired to live those values day to day.

This workshop is aimed at managers and leaders who are responsible for championing culture in their teams. You will learn:

  • The art and science of how to lead like a true culture champion. 
  • The unique management skills required to embed your company values and culture within your teams so that these become part of everyday work life.

Session one

  • We focus on your role as a culture champion.
  • We explore and provide the framework for codifying culture into everyday behaviour. 

Session two

  • We focus on your team dynamics and how culture and values influence behaviour and performance.
  • We provide tools for designing and activating culture and values in your team.

This Masterclass is facilitated by John Mullins & Gary Willmott. It includes all the materials to get you started with developing a culture-driven company.

Pricing: R
per Masterclass (½ day with 2 sessions & 2 facilitators) with up to 15 trainees.
Price on request for larger teams.

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