Recognition Masterclass

Join us for a Recognition Masterclass. A half-day practical workshop on applying the knowledge and tools for a culture of recognition.
Recognition Masterclass

In the past few years numerous studies have proven that one of the top motivators of employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, is recognition. Employees in a recognition-focused organisation are 5 times more likely to feel valued and are more likely to feel completely satisfied at work. 

This workshop will provide managers with the following:

  • A proper background knowledge needed for creating and maintaining a dynamic culture of recognition. 
  • The opportunity to learn effective techniques to recognise employees in a meaningful and impactful way.
  • How to apply the tools and techniques of employee recognition to help you foster a productive and profitable environment. 

Boost talent retention and learn how you can increase employee commitment with this workshop.

This Masterclass is facilitated by John Mullins & Gary Willmott. It includes all the materials to get you started with building a culture of recognition.

Pricing: R
per Masterclass (½ day with 2 sessions & 2 facilitators) with up to 15 trainees.
Price on request for larger teams.

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