Brand Ambassador Masterclass

Join us for a Brand Ambassador Masterclass. A half-day practical workshop on aligning your team with the company’s values and brand.
Brand Ambassador Masterclass

Your people are one of the most direct ways you can positively influence customer experience. Improved customer experience positively impacts revenue growth. Now is the time to align your people to company brand values, so that they live the brand authentically and remain your most valuable asset.

This workshop will provide managers with the following:

  • The tools to interpret your brand’s meaning, purpose and values and how this relates to your customer.
  • You will learn to explore your team’s personal values and how to align this with company values and brand.
  • Learn how to use personal mastery and leadership to deliver on the company’s brand promise.

Session one

  • How to unpack organisational brand and values to understand brand promises.
  • Using tools and techniques to create a future view of brand success.

Session two

  • Explore personal and team values to map alignment to company brand.
  • A personal mastery approach to becoming a brand ambassador.

This Masterclass is facilitated by John Mullins & Gary Willmott. It includes all the materials to get you started with developing brand ambassadors in your team.

Pricing: R
per Masterclass (½ day with 2 sessions & 2 facilitators) with up to 15 trainees.
Price on request for larger teams.

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