Reference Checking on autopilot ✅

QuickRef is a simple platform that automates all your reference checking. Upload the candidate’s details and we’ll do all the reference checks for you via phone, SMS, WhatsApp or email - you decide.
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No More Phone Tennis

QuickRef is a cloud-based solution that can be configured specifically for background screeners. 

Create your own short online questionnaire. Capture reference responses automatically via email or text messages.


Reach references where they are

We know the struggle, trying to get hold of candidate references can take up a lot of time.

QuickRef finds them where they’re at, ensuring the quickest possible response.

Save Time and Money

On average, the standard reference check takes ±1 hour. With QuickRef, your team can kick-off the reference checking process within a few minutes. 

QuickRef also sends reminders to references who don’t respond within a specific timeframe.

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How it works 🔧

Step 1.
Add Candidates

Create a new reference request by entering basic candidate information.

Step 2.
Get References

QuickRef automagically contacts the references by their preferred contact channel and gets just the right amount of information to do a background check for you.

Step 3.


Once complete, you’ll be sent a report with detailed feedback about the candidate to help you take the next step in the recruiting process.

Benefits 💡

What’s Included

  1. User and team management 👨👩👧👦
    Enables the company to allow multiple managers access to the platform.
  2. Optimised for any device 📲
    Allows candidates and references to answer quickly and easily from any device.
  3. Automated email and text reminders 📆
    Our platform handles all the following up with automatic personal (non-spammy) reminders.
  4. Customisable questions 📝
    We have a bank of tried and tested questions. You can also create your own, if you wish.
  5. Money back 💸
    We think you're going to love it, but if you're not 100% satisfied, let us know and we'll refund you.
  6. Custom brand & engagement 📛
    You can brand the experience with your own logo and company name.

Investment 💳

Slow 🐢

10 Credits

per month

Fast 🐇

25 Credits

per month

Hyper 🐆

60 Credits

per month

QuickRef via online form / SMS / Whatsapp = 1 credit
QuickRef via voice call = 5 credits

All plans include:

✅ 99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring

✅ Daily Data backup and 128-bit security 

✅ Flexible team permissions

✅ At-a-glance utilization

✅ Support via Email

FAQ's 🛎️

When do credits get deducted?
Credits are deducted only once a successful reference check has been done. If a reference check is not successful, no credits will be deducted.

Do unused credits carry-over to the next month?
No, unfortunately not.

How many references should be used on 1 candidate?
We suggest doing 3 reference checks on 1 candidate.

What is the turnaround time?
We aim for 3 working days, however if no contact can be made within 5 days or 3 attempts, we will classify them as a “dead” reference.

Who is this for?
Business owners and managers who don’t have time to do manual reference checks on potential candidates. QuickRef is also great for recruiters who’d rather spend their time finding great talent instead of following up on references.

What happens when my credits run out?
You will be notified when your credits run out. However, should you wish to use more credits, you can continue adding candidates and references - the account will automatically be invoiced at the rate of your current package.

Can more than one recruiter in a company use the same account?
Yes, you can add multiple users to the account, however they can only view their own candidates’ details.

How long is the contract?
We don’t bind customers into long term contracts. Should you wish to cancel, all we ask for is 30 days’ notice ;)