Simple, easy
and fun

Somebody’s done a great job? It’s simple - whip out your phone and give them a Hi5.

Attach GIFs and images

Use GIFs or images to add fun to your appreciation. Tag co-workers who worked together on a project.

Recognition from peers

Employees and managers can show appreciation on the fly. Don't wait for Employee of the Month awards!

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Yoyo SA Services (Formerly WiGroup)

"Hi5 can be used to drive different streams of employee engagement... it's become a part of our culture and enabled us to reward people who really deserve to be rewarded."

Tim Sprowson
Group VP of People, Yoyo

Motivate by Recognition

All Hi5’s appear on the Hi5 Wall of Fame instantly. Public recognition is a powerful tool in the workplace.

Back a Hi5

Show that you like a Hi5 on the Wall by backing it.

Crown a Hi5

Management can crown Hi5’s that are extra praise-worthy.

Recognition culture

Tag your company values in Hi5's to measure how people are living up to what the company stands for.

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Recognition Analytics

An easy, real-time way for management to see who has been receiving and giving Hi5’s across offices, departments & roles.

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Measure recognition culture in real time

Compare and measure how the company values are lived out across the company, offices & departments.

Continuous feedback

Enable co-workers to anonymously* review each other and the company. Effortlessly get feedback from employees around the culture, growth and happiness of your organisation.
*Depending on settings.

Simple and easy

No more lengthy forms - simply complete a performance review on your phone. It only takes a few minutes!

Pulse surveys

Build your own custom surveys to find out what makes your organisation tick ⏱️

Automatic reminders

Don’t worry about forgetting to do your performance reviews - we’ll remind you 😉

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Employee Growth

Make performance conversations easier by looking at real-time employee data and insights.

Measure company culture

Solicit continuous feedback from employees and get an overview of the culture of the company.

Deep-dive into data to find culture pain points.

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