Non-profits, NGO's & Schools

We support organisations that make a difference - NGO's, Non-profit organisations, schools, universities and religious institutions get 50% off their Hi5 subscription.

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Hi5 Non-profits

Why we ❤️ educational institutions & non-profit organisations

Education is at the heart of all people practice. We understand that without educational institutions, NGO's and non-profit organisations, many people would not have the opportunities to work and create a better society for all.

Considering the global move to remote work and education, there is a danger of increasing distance and lack of empathy between people. Hi5 can help organisations stay in touch with their workforce and student bodies, as well as measure engagement and remote culture.

We're showing our appreciation for NGO's, non-profit organisations, schools, universities and religious institutions by offering Hi5 at a 50% discount for unlimited users, FOREVER.

What you need to do

When Sign Up for a Hi5 company account, select your relevant volunteer industry from the Industries dropdown.

Once logged in, reach out to the in-app Hi5 chat bot with the phrase "Hi5 NGO Support" and a Hi5 Hero will be in touch to help you out!