Getting started: Admins

Get your Hi5 company account set up & add employees in less than 10 minutes.

Useful links:

➕ Add Co-workers - populate your company with your employees to get them Hi5'ing! ‍

🎚ī¸ Customise your Company Settings - decide what gets done, by whom and when.

🎉 Add Company Values - measure your company's culture by adding the values you work by.

đŸ‘Ĩ Ensure you select a Department for each user and the co-workers they will be rated by. This is done in the Manage section, under the My Company tab. See our help article, How to: Use the Manage Section.

ℹī¸ If you need any help visit our Knowledge Base or simply drop us a line at

Creating a Culture Pulse Survey

How to create a Culture Pulse Survey on Hi5 using our "Culture at Work" Pulse template.

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How to use Hi5 on MS Teams

Adding & Setting up the Hi5 app on your Microsoft Teams account is super easy. Here's how to use Hi5 on MS Teams.

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Hi5 Digital Onboarding

Our virtual onboarding video to help you get your team active on Hi5 🙌

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