Why we give our clients credit

We believe our clients have the best ideas, and we always ship new features with customers in mind. That's why we're giving them the credit.
Why we give our clients credit
Gary Willmott

We believe our clients have the best ideas, and we always ship new features with customers in mind. We’re constantly asking for feedback and obsessively jotting them down on our feature wish list.

One of the ways in which we solicit feedback from our users is by using surveys. We set up a survey with a list of the ideas most often mentioned (for instance, Organogram) and asked them to vote these up (p.s. if you’re thinking of doing this, we also added an incentive: free Hi5 T-shirt 👕 to the first 10 survey completions).

Check out some of the results from our last survey below 👇

When we asked for feedback from our recent round we realised how enthusiastic our clients were with suggestions. We went on to make personal contact with some of them, either by paying them an onsite visit or making a phone call to discuss taking their ideas further.

Here is our process on deciding whether to develop new feature requests:

  1. Does this idea align with our mission of unlocking the potential of every team member through ongoing feedback and recognition?
  2. How many users are asking for the same thing?
  3. Would we at Hi5 use this feature?
  4. How easy will it be for the everyday user to use?
  5. How quickly can we ship this?

Over time we’ve realised we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are today without getting this immensely valuable feedback from our clients. As much as we use Hi5 within our own team & share ideas all the time, our clients have so many other creative requests that we’d never thought of and that make complete sense 🤓

If you watch any movie, the end credits always list the people who helped make it happen. So why shouldn’t it be the same for product features?!

We realise the time and effort our clients put in when giving their feedback, so we decided that we have to credit them. At the end of our survey we just asked a simple question,

So, to show our appreciation to those clients who would like to be credited for their contribution to Hi5, we are proud to let you know today that all product releases will now include end credits 😎

Have a look at some recent updates and scroll down to view the names of those who contributed:

  • Organogram
    Scroll through a dynamic view of your company structure using our new Organogram feature.
  • Pulses
    Measure anything with our powerful new Pulses feature that enables you to create & manage your own surveys.
  • External Hi5's
    Now it's possible for people outside of your organisation to give you a Hi5!
  • People Directory
    Forgot that new co-worker's name, number or email address? Don't worry, you can easily get their details with Hi5.
  • Team Communication
    Keep the conversation going with our commenting tools for Hi5's, Notice Board & People Directory

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