Values Creator: A new tool for a great start on company culture

Values Creator is a new tool for a great start on company culture. Values Creator enables your team to vote up your company’s values.
Values Creator: A new tool for a great start on company culture

Ok we’ve had something up our sleeves 😁 We just launched a new side project, called Values Creator — a simple way for companies to vote up their company values.

It’s been used by various Organisational Designers and People Analytics Experts to assist them in running workshops with clients.

Why Values Creator?

Most companies have a ‘To-do’ list shoved in a file somewhere — CEO’s of SME’s usually have a mental version of this 🧠 Over the years of having worked with great companies looking to improve employee engagement, we’ve found that ‘Choosing Company Values’ is often far, far to the bottom of this list and are rarely prioritised above really important things like revenue and salaries.

We argue that your company values are one of the most important and intrinsic building blocks of your company! You should be hiring, firing and rating performance against these to ensure that your ship is steering in the right direction.

Moreover, when company values are present, employees often don’t understand or remember them — this could be because employees are almost never considered in the decision to establish these values, and they do not interact with the values on a daily basis.

In essence, if they haven’t bought into the company values, they will most likely not engage in the right behaviours to move the company forward.

Conclusion: companies need a simple, online & asynchronously collaborative tool to create and vote up company values. This is why we built Values Creator.

It’s simple to use in 3 steps:

  1. Create a shortlist of values
    - Choose from culture decks of companies like Netflix, Buffer & Google, or create your own.
  2. Send invites for the team to vote
  3. View Results

P.s. It’s a premium package, with a flat fee of only $9 p/m (unlimited users/clients). Get in touch with us to find out more.