Top 9 Team Building Games For Remote Employees

Help your remote team build emotional connection with their team & the company through these fun, interactive games.
Top 9 Team Building Games For Remote Employees
Louis Sawyer

Remote work can often time make or break employee productivity. This type of workplace gives the team flexibility, offers new ideas, and lets employees use their time more efficiently.

But, what about the emotional connection that employees build during lunch breaks or over a cup of coffee?

For those who work remotely, this connection is often weak or completely absent. This, in turn, can reduce the productivity of each member of the team. This is where different games for remote employees come into play.

Online games for remote employees make every video conference easier and provide greater cohesion for remote teams in the long run. However, classic team-building games are hardly possible to play online. Some of them require new digital solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the best team-building games for remote employees.

1. Virtual Team Building: True or False

This virtual game is an icebreaker to start the meeting.

1. As a group leader you first ask each colleague to prepare two statements about themselves. One of the two statements should be a lie.

2. Each participant now presents his or her two statements to the group; then you have to find out which of the two statements was a lie.

3.There is no winner or loser in this game. Rather, it’s about starting a conversation and exchanging views. It creates a relaxed atmosphere at the upcoming conference.

2. Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever” is not only one of the most famous team building games, but also a classic among icebreaker games. Of course, it’s not suitable for all occasions, but this well-known introductory game offers employees a chance to find common ground, especially at kick-off events.

If you can’t think of any interesting questions or statements, let yourself be inspired by these suggestions:

- I’ve never doubted that there could be a simpler workflow.

- I’ve never been inspired by colleagues.

  • I’ve never copied a competitor.

3. Charades

Charades is a well-known game that gives a better understanding of each other through drama and visual communication. Guessing colleagues’ actions and/or drawings establishes communication, helps people to loosen up, and simply creates a lot of positive emotions.

Charades can be played online as a picture game when one player draws and the others guess what they have in mind. The explainer is given a word or concept to represent on the board. The player with the most points wins. For the traditional game, the explainer can simply switch on their video camera and act the phrase out. For more interaction, you can divide into teams and earn points together for the guessed drawing/actions.

4. Mafia

Mafia is a popular game all over the world. It develops interaction and cooperation.

Add a Mafia bot to the corporate chat in Whatsapp or any other messenger. The maximum number of participants is 22, and the minimum is 4. After everyone has registered, the bot, which acts as a moderator, will automatically select the role of each (“Crime boss”, “Doctor”, “Sheriff”, “Innocent”, and others), and will announce the number of roles in the game.

As in the classic Mafia, all participants get acquainted, and when night falls — the Innocents sleep, the Crime boss chooses which of the participants to kill, the Doctor chooses who to heal and the Sheriff selects who to check.

The results are automatically uploaded to the chat room, and the team traditionally discusses who is who.

5. Emoji

Rules: The team chooses a presenter. He writes the beginning of the story in the general chat, which consists of a maximum of six emoji. Then, one by one, the participants develop the story, supplementing it with five emoji so that the story doesn’t lose its meaning. The game continues until one participant completes the story or until the team runs out of ideas.

6. Branding Detectives

Effective business management lies not only in the competence of each employee, but also in their brand awareness. The goal of the “Branding Detectives” game is for participating employees to develop a sense of the online reputation of their company. The concept of the game only works for companies of a certain size, as the goal is to find high-profile mentions of your own brand online.

As a group leader, you provide a certain time frame at the beginning of the game in which participants must find as many online mentions of the brand or company as possible. This includes, for example, articles in online newspapers, mentions in online forums, social media posts, etc.

7. Five Clicks

Choose two completely unrelated topics. For example, Michael Jackson and the Nuremberg Trials. The task of the players is to find the path through the internal Wikipedia links from one given topic to the other in five clicks as quickly as possible. The winner is the one who completes the conditions of the game first.

This fast-paced online game will introduce team members to little-known topics and help sharpen their research skills.

8. Type Races

This online game is a speed typing race. Team competitions can be arranged using one of the free services, you can find plenty online.

Each participant performs a specific task and publishes the results in the chat. The fastest, of course, wins.

9. Among Us

Among Us is an increasingly popular online game that is being used in corporate settings. You can buy this game on Steam. The gameplay is similar to “Mafia” — you control a character on a spaceship, depending on the number of players there is an imposter among you and the other players must find the imposter. During the game, players can move around in the spaceship, complete challenges, and cooperate to find imposters.

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