How Can Remote Work Make You More Creative?

Remote work offers promising health benefits, low stress levels, and high creativity levels 🎨
How Can Remote Work Make You More Creative?
Muneeb Qadar

The recent shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic is hard for both companies and employees. Companies have been forced to change the way they operate and implement working from home policy for the safety of their workers. Employees are under more stress and worried about their safety, and layoffs.

During these circumstances, many workers find it difficult to stay productive and complete their tasks on time.

However, remote work is not always less productive. For many doing their job from their couch is like a dream come true. According to recent surveys, a majority of workers want to make remote working a permanent reality.

Many established companies, such as Twitter and Fujitsu have decided to make working from home a permanent option for their employees, even after the pandemic has ended. Many web design companies in Dubai have noticed that their teams get more tasks done when they work from home. However, there are some companies that are reconsidering whether they should allow employees to work from home permanently or not…

There are concerns about employees’ output and productivity as most managers are not in favor of this major organizational change. Many leaders think remote working will decrease employees’ productivity due to childcare pressure and other home distractions.

Remote work can actually make you more creative and increase your company’s bottom line.

Several studies and surveys have been conducted on remote work and its effects on employees’ creativity. Let’s explore why more and more companies are embracing a working from home policy and how remote work can actually make you more creative and increase your company’s bottom line.

Freedom to Do Your Tasks

Remote work allows people to set their own schedule and decide how and where to organize their daily activities. There is no denying that remote workers have to meet the project deadlines and complete their tasks on time, but still they have freedom in how to accomplish their goals.

You can create a plan for the week, schedule Skype calls, arrange Zoom meetings and complete other tasks from the comfort of your home.

This freedom makes it easier for you to achieve a perfect work-life balance.

You can spend quality time with your family, and complete your project in doses, when you feel most productive. It’s totally up to you how you create your to-do list, prioritize it and complete your tasks. The freedom to set your schedule helps you organize your work and do your best.

Engagement and Collaboration

Believe it or not, collaboration is one of the major concerns for employers that prevent them from allowing their teams to work remotely. However, if you look at the statistics, they show that working remotely can encourage team collaboration and communication. Yes, you have read right.

Highly engaged teams are very much concerned about the success of the company. They are motivated to do their best work in order to achieve the company’s goals.

According to a Gallup study, remote workers are far more engaged with their work compared to office employees. During remote working, project managers arrange Skype calls and Zoom meetings to share and develop ideas. However, many teams use TaskQue, Slack, and other task management tools to delegate and complete tasks. Some leaders and project managers devote some time to creative meetings to supercharge the creativity levels of their employees.

The ultimate goal of these creative meetings is to allow designers, developers, content writers, sales and operations staff to share their diverse opinions and foster collaboration. Harvard Business Review suggests that when workers are working remotely, they actually foster good communication with other co-workers.

Multiple Sources of Inspiration

The flexibility of remote working allows you to think out-of-the-box and encourage you to try new things. When you work from the comfort of your home and in a flexible environment, there are no hard and fast rules to sit properly and follow strict office timings.

You can make the most out of this flexibility by exposing yourself to new environments, people, and places.

When working from home, you have more chances for inspiration. Yes, even with noisy kids, spouse, pets, and other distractions, you can still find multiple sources of inspiration.

For instance, you can surround yourself with plants, art pieces, and books. You can do interesting things such as go for a walk, yoga, and any other physical activity that can supercharge your mind and spark your creativity level.

You can also take breaks more often to recharge your mind and body when working from home. Sometimes, taking a 15-minute mindfulness session can provide mental peace that you can’t manage in an open-plan workplace.

Greater Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Employers want their employees to stay at the company as long as possible, as recruiting is an expensive and intricate process for many companies. This is why HR professionals do their best to reduce employee turnover to improve the company’s bottom line.

Giving your employees the flexibility to work remotely can increase their chances of staying at their job, which means greater employee retention.

One survey suggests that companies that offer remote work have a lower employee turnover rate compared to those who don’t administer a work from home policy. One of the main reason for this is that employees feel happier when they have the flexibility to work from home, and happier employees are highly productive and creative.

Furthermore, remote workers are more loyal to the company and satisfied with their jobs, because flexible work promotes employees’ wellbeing and mental health.

A Brief Recap

So, here you go. This is how remote work can take your creativity to an entirely new level. Remote workers with flexible work environments have the freedom to do their tasks, greater control over their professional lives, and the opportunity to spend more time with their families. It will eventually lead to promising health benefits, low stress levels, and high creativity levels 🎨

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