New Hi5 — Who dis? Our biggest feature changes in 2022 and how to navigate them 💅

This article will help you with the new version of Hi5 and our feature updates
New Hi5 — Who dis? Our biggest feature changes in 2022 and how to navigate them 💅
Sharne McDonald

Yep, I know you’ve noticed! We’ve been talking about it since July 2021 and it’s finally here: Hi5 Version 3 (or V3, as we’ve lovingly dubbed it 🤗). Some of our customers have needed a few nudges in the right direction as they grow into our new interface, so I thought it would be cool to put all the changes together in one handy article.

What’s in this article

  1. Sign in
  2. Navigation
  3. Wall of Fame
  4. Give a Hi5
  5. Recognition Reports
  6. Manage Pulses & Individual Reports
  7. My Status & Pulses To Do
  8. My Company
  9. Add Co-workers
  10. Find People & Organogram
  11. Games Center
  12. Upcoming features


Hi5 needed structural changes in our code and our interface needed some tough love. We brought in a UX Specialist to upgrade our journeys, views, colours… heck, even our buttons! Here’s the short version:

🕹️ Hi5 Games

Our most-clicked feature has a new coat of paint and is even more retro 😎 Learn more about the Why→

📊 Better Pulses

Focusing on usability whilst laying the foundation for future updates, we gave Pulses its own menu item and made it more streamlined.

📈 Levelled-up Recognition

We rebuilt Hi5 Recognition from the ground up, bringing more simplicity and great reports. Recognition also has its own menu tab.

🛡️ OKTA SSO & 2FA Login

You can use Okta’s OpenID Connect for Single Sign-On (SSO) to log into your Hi5 account, and you can also set Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via email, sms or WhatsApp! Forget about passwords.

👷‍♀️ More Updates

  • WhatsApp integration: Tag company values when giving Hi5’s via WhatsApp! (P.s. You can chat to Support using WhatsApp as well — start chatting now).
  • Easy-to-use People and Organogram views.
  • Assigning Permission, Department & Office when you Add Co-workers to Hi5.
  • Improved Notice Board calendar.
  • Legacy Ratings and TV view have been deprecated and are no longer available. RIP 💐

OK, the Long Version

1) Sign in

Hi5 Sign in page
  • Enter your email and password as per normal, or sign in with Google, Microsoft or Okta.
  • Don’t have an account? Click the Start a FREE account link at the bottom of the sign-in form.
  • Can’t seem to pass the test? You might need to click the Forgot your password? link.

2) Navigation

Hi5 Wall of Fame navigation
  • Open your Main Menu on the left.
  • Open your Profile Menu in the top right corner.
  • View Announcements by clicking on the Bell icon in the top right corner.
  • View and post on the Notice Board by clicking on the Calendar icon in the top right corner.
  • Get help via our Support Chat in the bottom right corner.

3) Hi5 Wall of Fame

Hi Wall of Fame Recognition app

We’ve simplified the Hi5 Wall of Fame, and also made it more visually accessible!

Hi5 Recognition app stats
  • Easily view Birthdays, Monthly Hi5 Leaderboard and your Company Values in the left-hand panel.
Hi5 Wall of Fame recognition messages
  • Use the Sort by dropdown on the wall to choose to see Hi5’s from this month or last month only.
  • Use the Filter by dropdown on the wall to choose to see Hi5’s from a particular department or office in your company.
  • Click Back This to back a particular Hi5.
  • Click Comments on any particular Hi5 to view and leave a comment.
  • Crown a Hi5 by clicking on the 3-dot button in the top right corner of a Hi5 and choosing “Crown” (Admins only).
Hi5 Recognition platform Weekly insights Integrations
  • View the Weekly Recognition, Games Center shortcut and the Hi5 integrations in the right-hand panel.

4) Give a Hi5

How to give a Hi5 Step 1
  • Click the Send a Hi5 name field/button to choose someone to give a Hi5 to.
How to Give a Hi5 Step 2
  • Type the name of the co-worker you’d like to give a Hi5 to. Note: only co-workers with active Hi5 accounts will be able to receive Hi5's!
How to Give a Hi5 Step 2 — Get clients to Hi5 you
Important Note: If you use Get Hi5’s outside your company already, you will need to update your shareable Hi5 link. Click on the Get a Hi5 outside your company button and paste the new link.
How to Give a Hi5 — Build a Recognition Message for your Coworker

Once you’ve chosen your Hi5 receiver, you can build your Hi5:

  1. Choose an animated GIF or upload your own image (optional)
  2. Tag more co-workers to turn it into a Team Hi5
  3. Write your recognition message and measure its sentiment with our Genuine Meter
  4. Tag a company value (depending on account settings)
  5. Send your Hi5 to the Wall of Fame! Your co-worker(s) will also receive an email (depending on settings)

5) Recognition Reports (Admin & Line Manager Only)

Hi5 Employee Recognition Insights
  • The Recognition Dashboard is now called the Recognition Overview report.
Hi5 Recognition insights dashboard

When you scroll down the Recognition Overview report shows you the Hi5 stats of the top Givers and Receivers in your company. You can download these in PDF and CSV format by clicking the relevant icon in the Options column.

  • To exclude Birthday Hi5’s, simply click the Grey button next to the Date filter.
Hi5 Recognition stats
  • The Recognition Insights report shows you some really cool insights into how people are giving recognition at your company (for instance, what day of the week most Hi5’s are given, and whether Admins or Employees give the most recognition).
Hi5 Employee Recognition — Measure Company Culture
  • The Culture Report shows you which of your company values are being tagged the most in Hi5’s.
  • Measure Hi5 sentiment at a glance with the new Word Cloud report.
  • You can scroll down to see who has been receiving the most Hi5’s tagged with values (We call them the Culture Champions 💪).

6) Manage Pulses & Individual Reports (Admin & Line Manager Only)

Hi5 Pulse surveys 360 Reviews dashboard
  • Pulses has its own menu item now.
  • Manage Pulses is where you create, view, edit, archive and delete Pulses.
  • Create a new Pulse by clicking the Add New Pulse button at the top right of the screen.
Hi5 Pulses settings
  • Click the Gear icon next to a Pulse to see the preview, and to edit the Settings (including assigning participants and a Pulse group).
Hi5 Employee Reports and Full Archive
  • Click the Graph icon (“View Pulse Stats”) next to a Pulse to see the Overall Summary and Individual Response reports (depending on Pulse type and transparency).
Pro tip: Click the Funnel icon next to any column name in Hi5 to filter the column!
Hi5 Pulses Transparency settings
  • Control whether Line Managers can see the Pulses results with the toggle switch in the Visibility column.
  • Open and close the Pulse with the toggle switch in the Cycle column.
  • Click the number of completions button in the Completed column to send a reminder to outstanding Pulse participants.
Hi5 Individual Reports Employee Insights
  • Go to the Individual Reports tab (only available on Hi5 Business) to see the overview reports of each co-worker, including all the Pulses they’ve been a part of.
  • Click on one of their latest Pulses to go to an individual’s report.
Hi5 View Employee Performance Reviews
  • To download an Individual Report, click on the PDF/CSV icons at the top right of the screen.
Hi5 Download Employee Archive

This is also where you’ll be able to back up all the data for an individual using the Full Archive report download.

7) My Status & Pulses To Do

Hi5 View Employee Feedback Responses
  • The My Status report shows you all your previous Pulse responses, once the Admin or Line Manager has closed a Pulse cycle.
Hi5 Complete Employee Surveys Feedback Forms
  • To complete a Pulse, go to your Pulses To Do tab. Completed Pulses have a green tick next to them.

8) My Company (Admin & Line Manager Only)

Hi5 Employee Management Dashboard

The My Company tab still holds all the tools and settings for running your Hi5 account with ease 🙌

Hi5 Manage Employees
  • Go to Manage to view and edit all the co-workers on the account. Note: Line Managers can only view their own teams and cannot edit any profiles.
Hi5 Company Workspace Settings
  • Go to Settings, under the Workspace tab you can upload your company logo, set up the email domains allowed to join your company account via a shared link (Allowed Email Domains) and set up your Okta SSO.

9) Add Co-workers

Hi5 Invite Coworkers to join account
  • When inviting co-workers via email, you can now also assign their Permission, Department and Office (Admin only).
  • You can also get the Share Link in the next tab to invite others to join your company account.
  • Go to the Azure AD tab to invite co-workers via Azure Active Directory, if applicable.

10) Find People & Organogram

Hi5 People Directory and Organogram view
  • View your co-workers’ profiles and the company Organogram. A great tool for keeping everyone connected, and for onboarding new employees!

11) Games Center

Hi5 Games for Work
  • The Hi5 Games Center features retro puzzle games to play at work to help co-workers get to know each other, learn about their strengths and the company’s values. More info here >

🔮 Upcoming Features

Our 2022 Roadmap and other upcoming features!

  • 🕹️ More Hi5 Games for work
  • 🏆 Rewards platform integration
  • ⚡ Zapier automation integration
  • 🛠️ Microsoft Teams update
Let us know at the link below if there are any features/improvements you would like to see.
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