What is good vs bad culture in the digital age?

Nevo Hadas, Managing Partner at DYDX, speaking at DisruptHR Cape Town #7 on 5 March 2020.
What is good vs bad culture in the digital age?

Imagine Steve Jobs on stage at his first Macworld talk in 1997 after rejoining Apple. People are cheering him on and applauding. Then suddenly boo’s get rained down on him as he elaborates on a partnership between Apple & MacIntoch (like using IE as their default browser).

Steve had to address something really important: the culture. The culture at Apple caused employees to develop an ‘us vs. them’ mindset, and Jobs realised this had to be corrected.

“Apple was the Jedi, and Microsoft was the Dark Empire.” - Nevo Hadas, Managing Partner at DYDX

We’ve been told as CEO’s and leaders that we can create culture, but that’s not true. As the Google team got bigger, they needed to change their culture model (Project Aristotle). How? By providing behavioural guidelines.

“Team dynamics are not that easy to figure out.”

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