Mobile App Push Notifications increase retention rate?

Giving you all the reasons as to why you should be embracing push notifications, in addition, extra insights as to how they work.
Mobile App Push Notifications increase retention rate?
Irfan Ak

In today’s competitive business world, keeping your customers engaged and motivating them to prefer your brand over your competitors is easier said than done.

Increasing your brand’s visibility and driving more revenue will only become easier if you have a mobile application. However, building a feature-rich and high-performing mobile app is not enough. You need to follow some effective marketing strategies to get maximum user engagement and stay in touch with your users.

Push notifications are one of the best mobile app marketing strategies that can increase the user retention rate and reach your audience in real-time.

Basically, mobile push notifications serve as an effective communication channel that brands can use to inform users about upcoming discounts, promo codes, limited sales, order confirmation, and the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, only a few brands add push notifications to their mobile app marketing strategy. A survey suggests that 30% of Android users and 15% of iOS users didn’t receive any push notifications in the first three months after the first app open. However, frequent messaging can increase mobile app retention up to 10X.

Push notifications, if used right, can make your mobile app a huge success. If you are thinking of implementing push notifications to your mobile app marketing strategy for 2021. Here are some important steps you should keep in mind to make subscribers into paying customers.

Let’s check them out:

1. Say Hello to New Users

Remember, a warm greeting goes a long way. Win your prospective customers’ heart by sending them a welcome note. Introducing your brand is essential to make your first impression and build a relationship with your audience. By sending a personalized set of welcome notifications, you will increase the app open rate.

So, start sending welcome messages to your new users and guide them on how to complete the registration process and get started with your product.

2. Keep It Crisp and Clear

What’s the main purpose of sending mobile app push notifications? Obviously, gaining user engagement and boosting customer retention rate. A bad push notification can lead to uninstallation. Therefore, it is advised to focus on the copy of the push notification; it should capture attention and incite interest.

Image Source: Localytics

While sending push notifications to your users, make sure the copy is clear, concise, and crisp. Remember, shorter push notifications have a higher rate of engagement. Obviously, you don’t want your push notification to be cut off on a lock screen. So, use fewer words when writing push notification copy.

Try to make the message as clear and succinct as possible.

3. Segment Push Subscribers

Without segmentation, mobile app marketers find it difficult to send them relevant messages and garner the best results from their push campaigns. If truth be told, proper segmentation of your subscribers can lead to a higher mobile app conversion rate.

However, a segmented message can help you achieve the desired results. Audience segmentation matters most when it comes to sending push notifications to mobile app users. You don’t have to manually sift through the list of subscribers to see their preferences and interests. Simply apply filters and divide your audience into segments by keeping these parameters in mind:

Operating system
App language
Registration data

4. Timing Matters

There is no denying the fact that push notifications can help you boost mobile app engagement and retention rate. Sending push notifications at the wrong time can annoy users and make them uninstall your app.

It simply means timing matters most when it comes to sending push notifications to mobile app users. The frequency and timing of push notifications vary between industries and the target audience.

Don’t disturb users by sending push notifications in the early morning, midnight, or commuting hours. However, local news, traffic, travel, and sports apps need to send up-to-date information in real-time to keep users informed about the current situations.

Analyze users’ data, their behavior, and habitual use of the device to find out the best time to ping them. You have to ensure your notification is sent at the right time of day for your target audience, based on their location and behavior.

5. Personalized Offers

Customers expect genuine and unique app experiences from brands they like to shop. Engaging your userbase by sending personalized push notifications and bringing them back to your app has become the utmost need for mobile app marketers.

48% of mobile app users make a buying decision after receiving a personalized push notification.

You can personalize your mobile push messages by considering different factors in mind, such as location, demographic data, OS type, product preferences to increase app engagement.

You can send geo-triggered push notifications to users when they physically appear near your brick and mortar store, just like Sephora did:

Sunshine, a weather app, did a tremendous job by sending a personalized forecast based on its users’ taste.

6. Use Creative CTAs

Motivating app users to take the desired action is what you want from your push campaigns. This is where the CTA button plays its role and guides users on what to do. Push notifications, if combined with a catchy CTA button, can increase your app click rate multifold. An attractive CTA button along with a lucrative offer and a crisp copy, motivate subscribers to become your loyal customers.

Adding a call to action button to your push message encourages users to take a well-defined action while adding value to your mobile app marketing campaign and driving more revenue.

That’s All, Folks!

Sending mobile app push notifications means people have installed your app and are willing to get updates from you. Integrating push notifications into your mobile app marketing strategy is a worthwhile idea to convert registrants into loyal, paying customers and boost your app retention rate. Hopefully, these mobile app push notification strategies will help you drive more profit in 2021 and beyond.

About the author

Irfan Ak is an experienced digital & content marketing strategist at Branex Inc, the pro mobile app development company. He is a regular contributor on various websites. He has worked with several brands and created value for them.

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