First Key Positions you Need to Hire for your Tech Startup in 2021

Hiring talent for your startup is both exciting and challenging. Here are the key players you need for your team in 2021.
First Key Positions you Need to Hire for your Tech Startup in 2021
Armen Baghdasaryan

At any company, who you hire plays an important role. Especially for startup businesses, distributing startup roles can be a crucial factor for the success or failure of the company.

But, what are the business positions you need to consider when startup hiring?

Below you can discover what key startup roles your company needs to hire depending on the type of business you have:

Essential Startup positions and roles:

  1. Operations Manager
  2. Marketing Specialist
  3. Sales Manager
  4. Content Writer
  5. Project Manager
  6. IT people

Operations Manager

Operations managers are responsible for the efficiency of the business, organization or company. They develop operational policies for the company.

Responsibilities of the Operations Manager

  • Process planning: The operations manager is in charge of planning business processes that aid in the organization’s ongoing operations and manages all these operational processes.
  • Finances: Besides training employees to carry out operational tasks, they also manage invoicing, bookkeeping, resource allocation and all other tasks related to finances.
  • Relationships: Operations manager usually communicates with other companies to create favourable business relationships. They also talk to other team members to ensure future company growth.

Marketing Specialist

For your startup company, one of the most crucial roles to hire is that of a marketing specialist. They will help you find out who your target audience is and how to optimally reach them.

Responsibilities of the Marketing Specialist

  • PR/Branding: As a startup, you’ll need someone to build relationships with other companies, find partners and make your company recognizable on the market.
  • Digital marketing: Having an online presence is a must for a startup company. The digital world offers powerful tools that marketers use to reach the audience and find new leads and customers quickly. Marketing specialists will care about your growth in the digital sphere!
  • Email marketing: With the help of successful email campaigns, your first marketer will drive leads to the sales manager.
  • First public events: Your marketing specialist will ensure that your company gets the proper attention during your first events (be they physical or virtual). When your team takes part in and hosts various events, your marketing specialist will ensure you have eye-catching and informative promotional materials that will impress future clients.

Sales Manager

Among the mentioned business positions, Sales Managers will be there to hunt for deals. As a startup company, you’ll definitely need to build a contact list and gain new contracts.

Responsibilities of the Sales Manager

  • Hunting for deals: Sales managers will spend more time and resources to find new deals for a startup company than if they worked for an established organization. This is because startups are only entering the market, or even creating a whole new section in the market, and need to establish a client base. Sales managers need to be creative and discreet when hunting for new prospects.
  • Sales calls/emails: Sales managers will be able to offer your services and products with the help of a fine pitch via phone or email. They usually develop a deep understanding of the product and how to best answer the potential client’s most pressing problems with your solution.

Content writer

Having a good content writer is as crucial as technical hiring. Your writer will help create the content for your initial website, describing your products and services appropriately and writing content that is SEO-friendly. Content writers make sure that your digital marketing and email marketing campaigns capture and convince your audience to buy.

Responsibilities of the Content Writer

  • Communicating vision: Your content writer will help you connect to your audience with a clear message, helping your other team members create more attractive campaigns and sharing the benefits of your services.
  • Describing your benefits: Content writers will know how to express your product benefits to your customer in a clear, concise and actionable way.

Project Manager

The project manager will coordinate your staff and make sure that the projects meet deadlines. That’s important for startup companies as the project manager will manage the project progress based on the clients’ requirements.

Responsibilities of the Project Manager

  • Project planning: The project manager will plan and coordinate the whole process of the startup project, assigning tasks to the relevant team members and playing to each person’s strengths.
  • Project completion: The project manager will organize and direct the completion of the projects so that you keep to your budget and action deliverables on time.

IT people

Tech startups need to hire IT people. By “IT people” we mean that you will surely need web developers and software engineers for your startup project.

Responsibilities of IT people

  • Creating your company’s website: Your web development team is responsible for your online presence as they design and develop the website that represents your startup company. They work closely with the Content Writer and Marketing Specialist to optimise your website for generating leads that lead to conversions (read: sales!). Your website should attract new clients, clearly communicate the vision of your company, be mobile-friendly and super easy to navigate. If you offer tech services but you have an outdated website yourself, who will ever trust you with their own website?
  • Developing clients’ projects: As a tech company, your startup roles should include professionals from a technical background. Having talented developers, product engineers, and designers will help you to reach another level and make your startup company move faster on the IT market.
Hiring someone new is not easy, as not all individuals who look for tech jobs at startup companies will be the right fit for yours.

Employees who have years of experience will choose a startup as their next career opportunity if you offer the right growth opportunities. On the other hand, people with less or no experience will desire to join your team to gain skills and experience on the job market. Either way, working at a startup is a great addition to anyone’s resume, as it shows tenacity, resilience and the ability to work with a small team while still packing a powerful punch on the market.

Not all candidates can be the right choice for a tech startup company. However, they should love facing challenges and be strong enough to accept both the successes and failures of the company.

Try to hire employees that want to grow with you and are self-motivated.

Remember that each employee will have a significant impact on your startup team. Your first few hires will determine the future of your business and company culture. So hire wisely!

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