How to Encourage Employee Engagement

Want a great company culture? Here's how to increase engagement and involvement from your employees on a regular basis.
How to Encourage Employee Engagement
Kevin Gardner

Employee engagement is a cornerstone of a great company culture. Here are some ways to encourage and increase engagement and involvement from your employees on a regular basis.

Do Outside Activities

To boost creativity and morale, it’s easy to take your employees out for team-building or other fun activities. Sometimes stepping away from work is the best way to come up with creative solutions. Some of the best ways to accomplish this include a competitive sport, like go-karting, going out to eat at a local place that everyone will love, or even conducting a work meeting in an open outdoor space, like the park.

Stay Open to New Ideas

One of the key facets of good employee engagement in your business is to make sure your employees know that you’re always accepting better solutions and ideas. For example, at office meetings, ask everyone in attendance if they have things that they would like to bring to the table. You can also implement an anonymous option to make people feel more comfortable, such as an idea box in the break room or kitchen, or running an anonymous pulse survey.

Allow Workplace Flexibility

Employees often work best when given more freedom to complete tasks in the best way that they see fit, and this includes arranging their workspace according to their preferences. If possible, give your employees the option to work remotely if they have pressing responsibilities that require them to be at home.

In addition, you can give them the go ahead to move furniture or cubicle accessories around, to create a space that is best for them to accurately carry out their job responsibilities.

Offer Generous Vacation Benefits

Since the way that people work is vastly different now than it was even two decades ago, there has been an evolution in vacation and time-off policies as well. It is important to stress the benefits of a work-life balance for your employees. They will be much more loyal and motivated in their jobs as a result.

Studies have shown that employees with more vacation time are happier and complete more work than those with minimal time off, who work too many hours on a weekly basis.

Reward Effort and Accomplishments

Create a reward or incentive system for your employees in order to make sure that they finish goals and tasks by certain deadlines. You can do this by meeting with individual employees and small teams to set their goals, or by setting company-wide goals that are displayed throughout the workspace.

It is also vital to update your employees on your progress towards the overall goal, whether by a weekly or monthly email, or even a sign posted in a common area (you can also use Hi5’s Notice board feature for this, which can send mobile app notifications when a new update is posted). When you accomplish your goals, take your employees out for a nice dinner or on a weekend trip as a reward 🏆

Remind Them of Your Mission

If you have a company mission, then it is vital to integrate it into every aspect of the work you do with your team of employees. Oftentimes, a mission statement is the best way to convey your values and what you hope to achieve through your business. So, if you haven’t crafted one yet, it is important to do so!

Check out for creating your company’s values.

You can also weave your mission statement into office meetings, team emails and other forms of communication to make sure that your employees know what they are working towards.

Emphasize Collaboration and Teamwork

The best way to complete common tasks and goals, is to work together. If your employees have similar responsibilities, then you should try putting them into groups with different missions or solutions.

Build teams according to what their strengths as weaknesses are, and use this to put people together that will complement each other. Sometimes moving workers from one department to the other is the best way to come up with creative solutions to problems that other teams may have been struggling with.

Employee engagement does not have to seem like an impossible task. With these tips and tricks, you are sure to be able to run a functional and effective workplace, with employees that are happy to come to the office every day 😉

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