Jen Van Heerden -  Going Wild: Finding and Recruiting Free-Range Graduates

Jen van Heerden from GradConnection at DisruptHRCPT #4 - 2.8.2018
Jen Van Heerden -  Going Wild: Finding and Recruiting Free-Range Graduates
Refiloe Metsing

How well can you really get to know your graduate candidates during the recruitment process? Jen Van Heerden believes it’s time for companies to start rethinking their traditional talent acquisition strategies.

Interview questions that elicit the same old rote answers simply won’t do anymore. How does the applicant react to stress? Do they really work well in a team? In order to get real answers to your questions, Jen believes in “observing the candidate in the wild”.

“What you really want to be doing is embedding the spirit of the safari in your talent acquisition process.”

Practical tests of a candidate’s abilities and competencies, approach and temperament are what’s needed. Jen advises companies to get creative in their methods. Group work, time management assignments and basic observation can all be part of a hiring manager’s arsenal. An effective recruitment process needs to get candidates to show employers who they really are.

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