Hi5 Once Again Gets Recognized by GoodFirms for its Robust & Resourceful Employee Engagement Software

Hi5 helps managers get rich insights about team culture on a dashboard with feedback and recognition.
Hi5 Once Again Gets Recognized by GoodFirms for its Robust & Resourceful Employee Engagement Software
Anna Stark

Helping managers get rich insights about team culture on a single dashboard with feedback and recognition to peers endows Hi5 amongst the leading employee management software at GoodFirms.

Overview of the Company:

Incepted in 2016 and based in Cape Town, Hi5 provides new opportunities to simplify, enhance, and improve HR operations. Employees of Hi5 render services to the clients on all platforms with a simple mobile interface, which makes the process simple yet intuitive.

It is a productivity assessment tool for managers.

Moreover, Hi5, with its comprehensive employee software tool, allows businesses to improve their employees’ efficiency by enabling them to analyze peoples’ activities, learn their behavior, and recognize the scope of improvement.

What Makes Hi5 Unique from its Competitors?

Businesses have accepted the fact that fusing a goal-oriented model to their work operations is one of the ultimate human resource management trends. Furthermore, clients have also realized that the platform  makes their employees more driven to achieve enterprise goals when promoting company culture amongst the team. This approach carries on to customer satisfaction and the production of high-quality work.

The following are the features that clients can look out for when considering Hi5 for their company’s employee engagement software:

  • Hi5’s software enables supervisors, HR managers, and even employees to create roles and attach goals alongside them. Having these goals clarifies employees’ duties and responsibilities in their company.
  • With employee engagement software, clients can manage performance activities, improve workflow, and examine the efficiency of their business tools.
  • It helps in reviewing activities performed at work.
  • It shows how productive employees have been in a day/week/month through recognition given and feedback on performance.
  • The reports produced by the software are easy to read.
  • Hi5 sends alerts to assess co-workers’ activity on the platform and identify potential areas of mismanagement.
  • It implements gender-neutral language into clients’ platforms so that their needs are not overlooked from onboarding to actual employment.
  • You can use Hi5 to tag multiple users and shoot them a quick pat in the back for their remarkable work.
  • It allows managers to give instant performance and culture feedback. These functions will enable users to immediately hand out ratings to colleagues, the company, and even themselves.
  • Hi5 measure how engaged employees are on the platform.
  • It is simple to install and use on various devices.
  • You can remotely install Hi5 on any PC or laptop.
  • Hi5's employee engagement software is specifically designed to inform and equip management with people data and insights.

Thus, helping their customers to determine their most and least productive employees, tracking employees’ presence and activities, flagging low engagement and performance scores thereby optimizing the customer’s team, endows Hi5 to be featured on the list of best employee engagement software at GoodFirms.


Hi5 caters with volume pricing for clients from different enterprises and fixed-rate pricing at $3 per user per month on Hi5 Awesome. It also presents a 50% discount for NGO’s and schools.

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