6 Best Free Online Video Editing Tools That Small Business Can Leverage Upon To Increase Their Brand Awareness

Video editing made easy and accessible for all businesses in 2021
6 Best Free Online Video Editing Tools That Small Business Can Leverage Upon To Increase Their Brand Awareness
Karina Zhdanova

If you believe in the reports circulating across the market, you will agree with the point that video is undoubtedly one of the most engaging and relevant content formats at present. This is one trend that shall continue in the future as well.

Creating videos for social reasons such as Instagram Stories and Facebook Live can be simple, but it is equally important to know the best time to post on Instagram and Facebook for better reach. The problem arises when users aim to take their videos to a completely new level. In that case, it is important for the users to have a good understanding of the type of video editing software they need to use to make their videos look more professional and attractive.

Below, you will find some solutions for the varied video editing requirements you might have:

1. InVideo

InVideo is an online video editing tool that serves to be simply perfect for marketers and beginners who want to produce content at a rapid pace. It works perfectly for users who do not have any knowledge of the fine details that work for professionally produced and highly edited videos.

The tool comes loaded with features that the users will surely love. They get access to more than 3500 designed templates for streamlining the video creation procedure. Users can even export their videos in HD and even leverage the software’s text-to-speech feature for transforming test-based content and blogs into engaging and quick videos.

The software includes several tools that make it very easy for users to create amazing videos without taking much time. There are not just templates for the users but even millions of stock media. The users also get easy access to features like stickers, masks, and vector shapes.

2. OpenShot

This professional video editing tool is highly compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac. It comes as one of the best open-source video editing solutions with several features. It’s easy to use; the drag-and-drop interface is perfect for beginners.

The software is packed with advanced features such as video transitions with real-time previews and unlimited layers. There are even several options for keyframes, animation, and video effects. Furthermore, users can easily slice and cut their videos by using the software.

This cross-platform video editing tool helps users in adding several layers as they might require for background videos, watermarks, and audio tracks. Users can also import their own music, photos, and videos through the intuitive interface of the software.

There are both basic and advanced editing features available with OpenShot. It even comes loaded with a good selection of varied effects such as transforms, transitions, animations, and titles.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Available in Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac, this brand new app is here to meet all the video editing and sharing requirements of the users. Coming right from the house of Adobe, this mobile application can be used for editing videos on the go.

The desktop version of this app is also available, which is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs. The best thing about this tool is its simple and intuitive interface. Apart from this, there are other editing options available in motion graphics, color, and audio.

What’s more convenient for the users is that the app can itself be used for creating some amazing videos. It works perfectly fine for someone looking for an all-inclusive video editing tool that can be used for creating and sharing videos on different social media platforms.

Some of the best features of this tool include click-and-drag for adding transitions, a wide assortment of in-built templates, manual and preset color correction, and export to almost any social channel.

4. Promo.com

Promo.com is both a video maker platform and a video editing tool. It boasts of being the number one marketing video maker in the market. As is suggested by its name, the tool specializes in helping users make promotional videos.

The software had got everything required for creating and editing some of the most amazing videos. Its top-quality features include royalty-free music, superior quality and professional video clips, and customizable templates.

The tool can be used for editing different types of video content, including vertical videos, horizontal videos, banner videos, and square videos. Its fun extras and highly advanced editing tools can best be used for making promotional videos of the highest quality.

Users can resize their images to fit almost any social media channel, and they can even create wonderful videos for their Facebook page.

5. iMovie

This free online video editing tool is available on Mac, and it is probably one of the most sophisticated options available to users. Even iOS users can go for it when it comes to editing their videos.

iMovie is available both in the form of a mobile device and an app. It even supports 4K resolution, thus making the tool highly beneficial for professionals. The minimal and clean drag-and-drop interface of the app can be used for adding effects, music, and titles to video clips.

The speed of the videos can be increased or decreased, and even filters can be added to make them interesting. Yet another amazing attribute of this editor is that it gives users the option of changing the background locations in their videos. Even the characters in the videos can be placed anywhere.

All in all, iMovie is one great online video editor that comes with limited features but is perfect for professional use. It has got just sufficient special features for keeping things interesting and without overwhelming the new users.

6. FlexClip

FlexClip is a totally free video editing tool that’s accessible for beginners. It’s a linear video editor available on multiple platforms, and it is highly compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac since it is based online.

Even a beginner can encode his videos with the help of FlexClip video editor because it offers an easy interface and easy-to-follow instructions. You can insert photos and video clips, add text, edit fonts and music, and FlexClip will turn them into a fancy video story to entice your target audience.

Besides, FlexClip also provides a range of ready video templates required by businesses for their day-to-day affairs. Small business owners who are not tech-savvy can try this tool as it is an easy-to-use tool.

7. Clipchamp

Create professional-looking videos without leaving your web browser with Clipchamp. The user-friendly free video editor is designed to make video creation easy for everyone, no editing experience is required. All you need is a good internet connection — no inconvenient downloads.

The in-browser video maker lets users create all types of videos, like social media promo videos or ads, product demo videos, corporate presentation videos, and even videos for education.

Clipchamp provides users with exclusive editing features such as trimming, splitting, speed control, text animations, filters, sticker animations, green screen, text-to-speech voiceovers, screen and camera recorder, and much more.

If you’re time conscious or have a small budget, the free video editor even offers an extensive library full of ready-to-use video templates — made by professionals. They’re tailored to any industry. All you have to do is add your own brand fonts, logos, colours, and personalise the text.

Get unlimited access to stock videos, images, and background music right from within the Clipchamp editor. Add as many stock videos, images, sound effects, and music clips to your video as you like.

Once you’re done editing, easily save your videos in 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions directly to your computer. Users can even upload videos directly to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Google Drive. Seamlessly create beautiful videos for any platform with Clipchamp.

Final Thoughts

It is not just enough to choose the best free online video editing tool. Simply because a tool is available for free, you must go straight for it, does not make any sense. Rather, you must choose options that suit your editing requirements in the first place. After all, you do not want to end up with something that is overly technical and complex when you are just a beginner in the field.

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