4 Ways Digital Transformation is Helping Small Businesses

How to leverage technology to provide customers with better, fast, and quality services to stand out from the crowd.
4 Ways Digital Transformation is Helping Small Businesses
Muneeb Qadar

In today’s technological world, fulfilling the ever-increasing needs of customers has become the utmost requirement for businesses. Companies that focus on leveraging innovative technologies and digitalization grow faster, improve their business operations and reach new heights of success.

Digital transformation is the process of digitizing your business operations to increase productivity and boost your employees’ efficiency. Small businesses should embrace digital technology to streamline business processes, take result-driven marketing initiatives, strengthen their business strategy and earn more profit.

Established enterprises are already deploying digital transformation strategies to provide more value to their customers and meet the customers’ demands.

Some mid-size and small businesses are thinking to leverage technology to provide customers with better, fast, and quality services to stand out from the crowd.

With the advent of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and cloud computing, it has become easier for businesses to delight and satisfy customers with more purchases.

Small businesses and recently launched startups are harnessing the power of digital transformation and remain competitive in the market. Carefully examine your business operation and decide how you can implement advanced technologies in different areas of your business to improve customer experience.

A survey found that 84% of companies that strive to provide a better customer experience saw an increase in their revenue. This is why more and more enterprises are spending on digital transformation to take maximum advantage of it.

If you’re running a small business and wondering how digitizing your business process can help you transform your brand, this post is for you. Here I’ll discuss how prioritizing digital transformation can help your small business reach new heights of success.

Let’s get started.

1. Improves Collaboration

One of the ultimate goals of using digital transformation is to improve operational efficiency and follow a customer-centric culture. It will only be possible when every employee is on the same page and collaborates seamlessly.

If you’re a web design company, it’s important to involve designers, developers, SQAs, product managers, and marketers so they can work better and take initiative.

Make sure internal departments are linked and collaborate effectively.

When everyone is working together, it promotes transparency in the workplace and employees feel satisfied and engaged. Some popular collaboration tools you can use for your small business include:

· GoToMeeting

· Slack

· WebEx

· Asana

· ProofHub

2. Automation to Improve Accuracy

In this fast-paced business world, automating tedious tasks has become indispensable for businesses to manage important data to improve efficiency and reduce human error. Gone are the days when employees had to manage piles of files to maintain records.

Digital tools make it easier for businesses to manage tedious, repetitive tasks and business processes.

From maintaining your employees’ attendance record to calculating salaries, inventory management to updating your customers’ data and automating your email and marketing campaigns, you will find useful tools for business management.

Efficiently managing your tasks and digitizing your business processes can help you achieve optimal organizational efficiency. Here are some of the best automation tools for small businesses:


· ActiveCampaign

· Leadformly

· Google Ads

· WordStream

· Calendly

· Hootsuite

3. Make Data-Backed Business Decisions

In this digital world, every business is striving hard to stay competitive. Businesses that are using big data can successfully create a results-driven strategy for their organization.

Collecting customer data can help marketers and business owners make well-informed business decisions. There are many analytics tools that help online businesses track the performance of their websites, advertising campaigns, and email campaigns.

By gathering customer data, you can begin to understand what your customers want and what they don’t like and then make changes to your platform, website and/or marketing campaigns to satisfy your customers.

There are also a number of analytics tools that small businesses can use to create more effective, customer-oriented business strategies and marketing campaigns:

· Google Analytics

· IBM’s Cognos Analytics

· Tranzlogic

· quintly

These tools use machine learning and AI-based technologies to process and analyze a large amount of data. Small businesses are advised to invest in such tools to make effective data-driven business decisions.

4. Fulfill Customer Expectations

Large corporations always put their best efforts into fulfilling customer expectations. Established enterprises such as Google, Samsung, Amazon, and Microsoft introduced the latest technologies and features to meet the needs of their customers. In order to provide high-quality services or products, you need to focus on what customers want and then create an effective organizational system and business culture.

Offering an unmatched customer experience is important to grow your small business and thrive in the competitive business world. Giving your customers higher priority and offering a personalized customer experience can help you become a reliable and favoured brand.

Mobile apps, machine learning, automation, and other digital technologies allow customers to get what they want. With the advent of multiple technologies, customers prefer those brands that offer digital customer experiences and fulfill their demands. This is why more and more businesses are thinking of implementing cloud technology in their organization.

The cloud enables organizations to become fast, dynamic, and more responsive to their customers’ demands. Moreover, using AI, machine learning and augmented reality enables marketers to utilise customers’ data to improve their experience.

Concluding Thoughts

It is interesting to know that a majority of small business owners are willing to make digital transformation a vital component of their business strategy. All you need is to digitize your most important business processes and get ready for earning more profit.

About the Author

Muneeb Qadar works for Branex, the best web design company in Dubai, as manager of the digital marketing and mobile app development department. He has extensive experience of over 10 years and has a number of successful projects to his credit. He loves experimenting with new designs and having a great time in sharing his experience with his peers and clients.

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