Digital Transformation in HR

The 4th Industrial Revolution in South Africa: Human Resources is finally moving towards digital transformation.
Digital Transformation in HR
Khalipha Ntloko

There’s a lot of talk around the impending arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution in South Africa. It’s inevitably coming, and as certain industries have already prepared for it, others are slowly coming to the party. Human Resources is one such industry.

Digital Transformation speaks to the significant changes within businesses and companies due to technology. It’s a change in the business processes, activities and strategies to leverage the opportunities that digital technology brings. We’ve already seen how technology has taken over within the HR landscape — we communicate quicker using Slack, our payslips are emailed to us instead of handed to us by paper, and online job portals have taken over as the leading method of seeking employment. Speaking of…

Transformation in job hunting

I did a quick survey on Twitter to see what the impact of technology has been when it comes to looking for work. As times change and evolve with technology, so do certain processes. I gained some interesting insights into the role of technology in looking for work:

1) HR Managers & Recruiters prefer email

  • For those who are HR Managers or Recruiters, the most common way that they receive CV applications is via their work email, with online platforms like LinkedIn and PNet coming second at 31%.

2) Job seekers prefer online platforms

  • On the other side of the coin, job seekers apply for work using both their emails and online platforms, but no one uses fax. Perhaps it’s the ‘Millennial Age’ that requires us to do things more instantaneously, but 43% of the people who participated in the survey fully agreed that online platforms are more helpful in the job application process than physically handing in a CV to the HR Manager directly.

Think about how you got the very job you’re working right now. How did you apply for it? I know mine began with sending an email after meeting Hi5 at a Career Fair.

3) Most job positions are placed via email, but a more digital approach would be preferred

  • 40% of my Twitter surveyors also applied for their current positions via email, and while this method of applying for jobs may be the most prominent, 65% of people still fully agree that the hiring process still needs to adopt a more digital approach when it comes to finding candidates.

See how tapping into technology is the direction HR needs to move into?

Transformation in the workplace

As much as technology is helping with the hiring process, it’s equally important to see how technology can help you keep those very candidates. Gone are the days when simplistic ways of going about work were common. Say hello to the ‘Millennial Age’, where colleagues now communicate instantaneously on platforms like Slack, use Monday to manage their monthly tasks and even take meetings via Zoom and Google Meet.

In the same way that technology continually evolves, so does the way we work, and now — more than ever — HR needs to evolve with it.

Think about the kinds of candidates who are applying for jobs; they’re young, educated and are looking to begin a career they can commit to. When dealing with potential millennial employees, especially, it’s really important that companies take ownership of creating work environments that incoming candidates will buy into and stay loyal to.

Consider finding ways to harness the power of company culture with the use of technology. I don’t mean having Friday lunches at the office delivered by drones and robots (although that would be great!). I’m talking about using digital tools that can help create an environment at work that’s positive and healthy. Hi5 is amazing at giving you insights into what your current culture looks like, and how you can improve it through recognising employees for the work that they do. Apps like Notion are on the rise because of how simple this all-in-one app makes staying organised with tasks and duties.

Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation is here to help, not hinder, the HR industry. It can be daunting to think about the overlap of technology and working with people, but think of these technological tools as valuable assets that can help strengthen and better your HR department, and company overall.

Want to start transforming your own company culture with technology? Why not reach out to us today to help you get started on creating a transformed work environment using Hi5.