Culture Workshop, Cape Town  - 19 June 2019

The first ever Hi5 Culture Workshop in Cape Town, 19 June 2019. Three speakers shared their insights on company culture & employee engagement.
Culture Workshop, Cape Town  - 19 June 2019

We recently hosted the first ever Culture Workshop in Cape Town at Urbian. After the success of our Durban Culture Workshop with Appletree, we wanted to see if Cape Town needed something like this as well. The response was overwhelming (we had to close the RSVP link early because of space limitations!), and we received great feedback afterwards:

“The content is very inspiring and thought provoking… to learn and see things from a different perspective.” — Taryn Jurgens, HR Manager (The Really Great Brand Company)
“It’s the way forward and collective collaboration is an essential driver.” — Christine Tworeck, Founder (The Integration Code)

We want everyone to move forward with their company’s culture, so we’re making the content from the event available below:

Culture is a contact sport

John Mullins from Peopleswith talks about “Culture is a Contact Sport” and describes what culture is, how it works and how to change it. This talk also looks at Employee Lifetime Value (ELV), its influence on ROI, and how it is affected by company culture. Check out the blog post here.

Watch the talk:

The culture problem: Lessons from the battlefield.

Anton Moulder from Urbian takes us through his journey and learnings navigating the Culture landscape. He observes that we’re still running companies the same way as they were run in the times of the Industrial Revolution — what needs to change?

Watch the talk:

The State of Happiness

In his talk, Gary Willmott from Hi5 shares the findings from recent research into Employee Happiness and what management can do to retain more staff and keep them engaged. Get the State of Happiness whitepaper here.

Watch the talk:

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