“Hi5 Grabs GoodFirms’ Attention For Maximizing Employee Engagement & Retention of its Clients”

We were recently featured as one of the Top 7 Free Employee Engagement software by Goodfirms. Here’s why.
“Hi5 Grabs GoodFirms’ Attention For Maximizing Employee Engagement & Retention of its Clients”
Anna Stark

Focusing on measuring and improving company culture, employee recognition, and employee growth endows Hi5 to thrive at GoodFirms amongst the top employee engagement software.

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It’s easy to get started with Hi5, many companies began to gain rich insights and data that could be used to understand their respective teams in a better way. Hi5 was incepted in 2016 and is based in Cape Town. With the use of employee engagement software provided by Hi5, people are happier by giving feedback to each other. Employees of Hi5 cater to the clients with the services on all platforms with a simple mobile interface, which makes it simple and intuitive.

What Makes Hi5 Unique?

Hi5 provides employee engagement software, which increases engagement efficiencies between business people and their employees. This software provides tools to interact with the employees to maintain a healthy and functional HR in the clients’ business.

Some of the most important features of an employee engagement tool are as follows:

  • It helps in finding out and to stop the waste of time to optimize your team for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • It analyses the practical approach, methodology, and activities of your employees to find chances for the development of the businesses respectively.
  • It tracks the employees’ presence and activities.
  • It gives easy-to-read reports.
  • Record continuous or random screenshots to see precisely the employee’s work status.
  • It helps in blocking the websites which are irrelevant and unproductive to the company owner.
  • The employee engagement tool is easy to set up and monitor.
  • It maximizes the built-in tools to make the best staffing decisions.
  • It simplifies digital awards, appreciation, incentive programs.

Thus, by providing a room for better performance to increase the business profits by increasing the productivity of the employees, Hi5 accelerates amongst the top employee engagement software listed at GoodFirms.


Hi5 provides volume pricing for enterprises. It also provides a 50% off for non-profit organisations and schools.

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