7 Amazing Team Building Games Your Team Won’t Hate 🏀

Simple, but effective games that your team can play in the office to boost creativity, collaboration and motivation.
7 Amazing Team Building Games Your Team Won’t Hate 🏀
Frank Hamilton

According to mediate.com, team-building games should be an essential part of the employee engagement strategy and corporate culture. These games are not only educational, but also fun. What is more, these activities can help to get to know your co-workers better and develop strong connections between your team members.

It’s hard to imagine, but just one game can change the relationship of team members to each other.

But how do you find games that everyone on your team will be happy to play? Below are several options that you can use.

Top 7 Team Games for Your Office

Of course, it is possible to organize out-of-office events, however, it also always means additional time and costs. Therefore, as an alternative, there can be simple but effective games that your team may play right in the office.

Below you will find games that will appeal to the whole team and are suitable for playing during or after the workday. By testing each game, you can figure out what works best for your team. Based on this result, you will be able to select the games that are best suitable.

1. Guess Who

List the names of famous people. You can choose celebrities from your field of activity. Each participant needs to get one piece of paper with a title. The person must not see whose name he/she got. Next, the participant needs to attach a note to his forehead so that others can see his name.

The one who received the name must ask questions about the person whose name is written on the piece of paper. But he or she shouldn’t ask open-ended questions, but can only ask those that imply a yes or no answer. This game helps to develop creative and logical thinking, and of course, it is fun to watch your teammate trying to guess who he or she is.

2. Word puzzles

Is there anybody who doesn’t love games like Scrabble, Boggle or crosswords? Word games should appeal to your whole team, regardless of age and interests. You can play in the traditional way, or you can set a condition. For instance, all words should only relate to the scope of the company. This way you can have a good time with the team but also focus on professional activities — all you need is a game set!

3. Picture Pieces Game

It is necessary to prepare a famous picture that has many details. This picture must be cut into pieces that will correspond to the number of players. Give each a piece of this picture.

Everybody has to create a copy of this fragment only five times bigger than the size of the original fragment. When everything is ready, you need to put the picture parts together.

The bottom line is that the overall result depends on the work of each member. This will create an understanding that everyone’s effort contributes to the result.

4. Truth or Lie

This game is good for team members’ socialization and removing some obstacles in formal communication. The bottom line is that each participant must come up with two truthful facts about herself and one false one. The rest of the participants in the game must determine where is the truth and where is the lie.

If you often hire new employees or you’ve noticed some tension in the team, this game will help them to get to know each other a bit better, have some laughs and potentially find some commonalities. Subsequently, this game can be retrained for professional activity, and then it can become a game with elements of brainstorming.

5. House of Cards

This simple game has worked well time and again. All you need to do is invite employees to split into groups at random (we recommend that there be no more than 3 people in the group). The essence of the game is that teams need to build tall buildings from cards. The winner will be the team whose composition is higher and will stand for more than 10 seconds.

Why do you need such a game? This will develop the skills of teamwork, communication between each other, and creative thinking. It’s also a great way to get people to break out of silo’s, learn to depend on the skills of everyone in the team, and how to plan and communicate well with people you don’t normally collaborate with.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Based on the characteristics of your team, create simple tasks and write them down on pieces of paper. If informal communication prevails in your team, then you can come up with more comic tasks. If there is tension among the participants in your team, then it is worth doing such tasks that can relieve the tension.

For instance: “Hug the person sitting next to you”, “Dance the waltz with the person sitting opposite”, “Sing a song with the person sitting on your left”. Such tasks will allow the team not only to have fun but also to start communicating with each other.

7. The Paper Tower

This simple game will allow your team members to develop planning skills, critical thinking and learn how to make decisions quickly. Provide each participant with a piece of paper. This concludes all the necessary materials.

The bottom line is that members must create a tall structure in just five minutes. After the end of the time, it is necessary to collectively discuss each design, what could be improved, and why there was not enough time.

The Final Verdict

Do not overload your team with all the games at once. Start with one and see how your team likes it. And then go to the next one. With the help of testing, you can select the best games that not only allow your staff to have a good time but also bring a positive impact on the development of each member of the team and their team spirit.

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