8 Simple Ways to Cultivate a Happy Workplace

If you want to surround yourself with employees who love what they do, follow these tips to cultivate a happy workplace.
8 Simple Ways to Cultivate a Happy Workplace
Kristin Savage

Do you want to see growth in productivity? Is one of your aims to have loyal and ambitious employees? If the answer is yes then your goal is simple — cultivate a happy and healthy work environment. This isn’t an assumption, it’s a fact. The University of Warwick conducted a study that showed that happiness results in a 12% growth in employee productivity.

The key to success is having people around you whom you can lean on. A successful team leads to a successful business. If you want to surround yourself with employees who love what they do, take a look at the following tips on how to cultivate a happy workplace.

Happiness results in a 12% growth in employee productivity.

1. Put the Emphasis on the Positive

A positive work environment demands positive thoughts and words. Instead of always focusing on what the employees didn’t do well or what they need to change in their work habits, take on a different perspective.

Regularly state all the goals you’ve achieved. Focus on individual contribution and let the employees know how their work impacts the company. The recognition will motivate them to keep up with the good work.

2. Implement One-to-One Meetings

Getting information from employees about what their difficulties at work can be valuable for the future. Conducting one-to-one meetings will allow you to get closer to employees, learn about their struggles and help them overcome some troubles.

Let’s say that an employee is having a hard time with a certain project but they don’t want to speak up in front of everyone. The one-to-one meeting will be their chance to open up and share what’s on their mind.

3. Let Them Share Their Ideas

The employees will be more satisfied if they know that they can openly speak up about their thoughts and ideas on the project. Such an attitude toward employees will get them to feel acknowledged and valued. Whether it is a project meeting or a workday, the employees should feel comfortable enough to share what they have on their minds.

Encouraging employees to talk about their ideas can be very useful for cultivating a happy work environment. Showing that you don’t undermine the employees and giving them importance will lead up to motivating environment,” explains Ava Montgomery, a psychologist and freelance writer at Studicus.

Ava also described how a satisfactory work environment gave her enough freedom to start her own freelance writing business and feel more accomplished. That feeling of accomplishment projected positive energy in her workplace.

4. Understand Employee’s Personal Worries

Yes, work is a place where you should do your job and act professionally. But let’s not forget that we are all human. We all have days when we feel ill or when we get caught up with ever-growing problems.

When you realise that some of the employees aren’t feeling well or that they are distracted or sad, don’t ignore it — rather show that you genuinely care. What is even worse is when a project manager argues or pushes an employee even harder in such a situation.

The best way to establish a happy workplace is to show the employees some understanding.

Whenever you realise that someone is having a tough time, why not simply ask if everything is alright 🤷 Or, just let them know that you are there for them if they need to talk to someone.

5. Encourage Open Communication

Open communication is essential for a healthy relationship of any kind and business relationships are no exception. Whether there are some quarrels or misunderstandings among employees or whether an employee has an issue with an employer, they should openly talk about it.

Open communication won’t let the quarrels get to the breaking point and turn into a heated argument. Teach the employees that if they can’t work it out among themselves, it is better that they come to you and help them out. Explain how fights and long-term disagreements can hurt everyone’s work and negatively affect the work environment.

6. Give Them Some Flexibility

A work-life balance is very important for a healthy mind and body. If the employees work long hours, they will burn out and the overall productivity will lower. Not to mention that sleepless nights and an unhealthy lifestyle lead to stress and a lack of patience that can easily spark up arguments. If you want to see your employees satisfied with the company, you should add some flexibility to the work schedule.

Marie Fincher, the Head of Content at TrustMyPaper and GrabMyEssay shares how a flexible work schedule encourages a positive work environment, “Having a few days a week when I can work from home or come to the office whenever I can, really helps me to be better at my job. When I have the time to relax, spend time with my family, and work from the comfort of my home, I feel better. Feeling good about yourself and your work will bring a positive spirit into your workplace.”

7. Set up a Place for Relaxation

Dull offices and busy work habits can create a hectic workplace that puts pressure on the employees. Work hours take half of our day so if all someone experiences at work are obligations, it can build up to burnout. The solution to this is to set up a place where employees can relax and fill their energy.

The space for relaxation should be a separate room, not in the office. Hearing all the typing and working won’t let anyone unwind. It can be a small room with some comfy chairs, greenery, and lots of natural light. Enabling the employees to relax during the workday will help them refresh the mind and be more productive.

8. Show How Thankful You Are

The employees are the pillar of the company and their work is meaningful for the company’s growth. But do they know that? It is very important that they feel appreciated and gratitude is the way to do it.

Writer William Arthur Ward once wrote, “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

Follow this inspiring quote and show the employees your gratitude for their contribution. Do it through praise but if possible, try to organise some appreciation gift giving. For example, after a huge project, or at the end of the year. It shouldn’t be something grand, just a little “thank you for everything that you do” gift — here are some budget-friendly ideas.

Some Final Thoughts

Cultivating a happy workplace should definitely be on your list of priorities. The impact of a satisfied team on the company can be immense. With these simple tips, you can turn the employees’ perspective. Instead of seeing their job as stressful, they’ll be able to enjoy their workday. Keep in mind that happy employees are motivated employees and motivated employees are the ones who bring success to the company.

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