5 ways how CSR leads to enhanced employee engagement

Does your brand practise Corporate Social Responsibility activities? Here are some credible reasons to start doing it now!
5 ways how CSR leads to enhanced employee engagement
Jessica Robinson

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the most popular tools adapted by companies these days. It is not only a great way to communicate with your brand’s audience, but also an impressive technique to draw more talent to your company and keep them.

CSR activities help you as a brand to be the voice of local audiences.

The good you do to the environment or to the people around you fetch you fruitful results. These generally come in the form of positive branding and high awareness of the products and services offered by your company.

In addition to the strong acknowledgement of your brand and company, you also enjoy high employee engagement. You can sense this in the form of serious devotion and concentration in your work from your employees. You must be wondering, how CSR is related to high employee engagement?

Well, to clear your doubt. First of all, employee engagement is directly proportional to employee satisfaction. Therefore, with high brand awareness and value, your employees tend to enjoy their time at your organisation. They feel proud to be associated with your company. This gives them positive energy to boost their performance.

Moreover, with high brand awareness comes the loyalty of your employees.

Employees appreciate being a part of a renowned brand and they will give better output at work  to ensure that they stay with your company for a longer period of time. The respect and the reverence they gain from society through your company’s good name, help them push themselves even harder to work for the betterment of your business.

It is also through the CSR activities you plan that your employees start to relate themselves with your company’s ethics and values. Here we’re going to look at 5 ways how your CSR leads to enhanced employee engagement in your organisation.

1) Strong external PR of the company

CSR, popularly known as Corporate Social Responsibility, yields your company a good standing in the community. In fact, the image that you build through CSR can be even stronger than what you can establish for yourself through paid advertising.

It’s a mode of branding which reaches directly to the hearts of everyday people while practising the core values of your company.

When you serve your share to society, you earn credibility and their trust in return. People tend to connect with you more easily as they feel they have a personal connection to your company.

Moreover, when you spend time within the community, you can get to know their requirements more closely. This further aids you in developing customer-oriented products and services, which as an added benefit is good for business.

2) Respect towards the company

One instrumental effect of good CSR acts is that it helps you and your company to earn the respect of your employees. Your employees tend to admire your company even more when they see you being associated with social causes.

This fills them with pride and happiness that they work for a brand who cares about others’ happiness. It showcases your company and your leadership as being compassionate towards the needs of the people and society.

When you take steps for the betterment of your environment, then you automatically create a safe and prosperous place for your employees to live and work in.

3) Continuous engagement of employees

When you give your employees the chance to participate in CSR activities, they stay continuously connected with your company. Whether directly or indirectly, they are contributing to the company’s progress.

Employees feel more connected to the brand when you, the employer, invest your trust in them. Your relationship with your employees becomes even stronger when they interact with you and your direct audience or customers.

In addition to this, your employees will put in more effort into their present work responsibilities. Why? They tend to showcase their skills in a more competitive way, in order to be selected for extra activities outside the office. This act of exhibiting their talent in a promising way ultimately gets you more profits for the company — remember to give your employees the recognition they deserve and show them how much you appreciate them!

4) Upliftment of employee morale

This movement of the employees from one category to another gives them the chance to explore their creativity. Also, volunteer activities help you identify other assets of your employees’ talents and skills, which opens up more paths for growth at your company.

Through forming a better and more authentic connection with your employees, they will feel highly appreciated and grateful. Gratitude is a powerful motivator and means that employees will invest their “better selves” in the completion of their everyday work.

You both develop an invisible yet unbreakable bond, which helps your company develop a highly engaged workforce.

Your employees’ experiences in CSR activities will prove to become priceless memories tied to your company, boosting morale and team cohesion. You will see people working with conviction and highly satisfied clients who keep using your services. This again proves that the CSR activities you engage your company in helps your employees yield highly productive work.

5) A wake-up call for employees

Along with producing monetary benefits for your company, the CSR activities you participate in also help your employees realise their own social responsibilities. Employees will build more empathy, which they can practice at work, as well as an attitude of appreciation for others and the environment 🤗 🌱

It’s a wake-up call for your employees to understand the worth of society in their lives, and the value they can bring.

Essentially, you’ll help employees to bring their whole selves to work, which will build their confidence and maintain good mental health. Happy employees are productive employees!

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