5 Certifications for Enterprise Leaders

Want to be a leader in Enterprise Architecture? These are the certifications you need to stand out.
5 Certifications for Enterprise Leaders
Regina Thomas

Enterprise Architecture is the practice of taking the business strategy and applying it to an IT initiative. This ensures that all IT initiatives are aligned with each other, while also ensuring that they are in line with the business goals for which they were initiated.

The single best way to be recognised as a leader within Enterprise Architecture is by earning your certification.

Furthermore, when starting your career with Enterprise Architecture, earning a certification is the best way to get recognised by others. These 5 certifications will help you stand out from the crowd and show prospective students what capabilities you possess, so read on!

1. TOGAF 9 Certified

What is TOGAF certification? The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a step-by-step approach to architecture, and it defines how enterprise IT should be done. Earning your TOGAF 9 certification will set you apart from other Enterprise Architects because it shows that you have the knowledge to complete the framework correctly, which demonstrates your deep understanding of Enterprise Architecture.

In addition, being a TOGAF 9 certified Enterprise Architect implies that you will be able to teach and mentor others in the framework.

As an added benefit, even though this is the newest version of the framework (and therefore still highly sought-after), it’s not as difficult to attain certification because there are numerous classes available around the world, and some prominent universities are now requiring their students to pass the TOGAF 9 exam. This certification is meant for Enterprise Architects with 2–5+ years of experience. It takes time to study for, but it’s worth the effort.

2. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Credential

Security cannot be an afterthought — rather, security must be planned for in advance so that it doesn’t become a costly mistake later on. Having this certification lets employers know that not only do you understand information security in-depth, but that you are also capable of making decisions that make security an integral part of an organisation, instead of after the fact.

Moreover, the CISSP certification shows that you have a foundation in topics such as access control, cryptography, information security management, and more.

For Enterprise Architects with 5+ years of experience, this certification is a must-have. Anyone can take the test, but it’s up to you to show your employers what you’ve got.

3. Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) Credential

The CGEIT certification is one that should be near and dear to your heart because it’s all about governance — not just technical governance, but the governance around business objectives as well. It demonstrates that you know how to translate business needs into expectations for technology while ensuring that there is not a conflict between them.

With this certification under your belt, executives will see you as someone who can help take their organisations’ IT initiatives from good to great!

4. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Credential

The CISM credential shows employers that you have the skills to design, execute, and monitor an organisation’s IS strategy. Security is not something that can be ignored — it must be addressed proactively in order to minimise risks to your organisation!

Show prospective employers that you are capable of helping them protect their information assets through this certification.

This certification is important because it demonstrates that you have the ability to create, maintain, and secure an organisation’s information assets.

With that in mind, this certification is perfect for Enterprise Architects with 5+ years of experience because it shows that they are security experts who are also familiar with risk management methodologies.

5. ITIL Expert Certification

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a collection of best practices for helping companies deliver services efficiently and effectively while ensuring that they remain stable even when under stress or duress.

This certification demonstrates your understanding of how IT operations should run within an enterprise in order to maximise efficiency at every level possible. Bring yourself up-to-date with current best practices by earning this certification!

Final Thoughts

There are many different certifications available to you in your field of expertise, but these five stand out from the rest. Not only will they make employers take notice of your skillset, but they show that you’re serious about continuing to learn and developing yourself as much as possible.

Lastly, all of these certifications require a great deal of preparation and studying, but they are well worth it. With time and dedication, you can attain them.

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