2019: Our year in review

Events, nominations, new features, new customers, going back to remote work… it’s been a good year 🥂
2019: Our year in review

We believe in taking time to reflect. As 2019 draws to a close and Hi5 leaps into a new decade, we’d like to look back on our year with you.

In 2019 we celebrated our 3rd year of existence, a great milestone in startup land! We’ve seen many wins and losses, growth and shrinking of our team (and growth again) and have taken every opportunity to fail forward. Thanks for joining the ride ;)

2019 Highlights at Hi5


This year we launched 21 new features & 2 side-projects 😱 We’ve listed the top 5 for you below so you can check them out. We launched ValuesCreator Plus (a tool which lets you browse, create & get your team to vote up company values) and 👃Scenty (a simple sentiment analysis tool with an open API).

Our Mobile App installs (iOS & Android) saw a 110% increase, and 60% more Hi5’s were given in 2019 compared to 2018 🙌 Not surprising then, that we gave away 1068 vouchers this year after launching Hi5 Digital Rewards!

All of this happened in spite of (or because of?) our move back to fully remote work (read why).

Top 5 new features 2019:

💸 Digital Rewards
🌐 Open API
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Organogram
🙌 External Hi5’s & Pulse ratings
🏆 Personal Goals Tracker

Check out all our new features >


We were honoured to be one of Top 20 selected startups in the international startups acceleration programme, BigBooster (Lyon, France).

Travels in a Tesla with our host, Thomas
Thomas, the ex-CEO of Atari, now key investor of Hi5.
BigBooster group sessions - intense and painful at times! But feedback = growth 💪
BigBooster startup presentations

We were also nominated as a Finalist: Technology Innovation of the Year at the annual Africa Tech Week Awards.


We welcomed a whole bunch of new companies to Hi5 this year from various industries such as Food & Beverages, Retail, Software, Financial Services, Marketing & Advertising, Recruitment, Legal and even Space Engineering 🚀

Some of these include well-known companies such as Distell, OutsourcedCFO, Carrick Wealth, ResRequest, Homechoice, Digiblu, Kia Motors, Allan Gray & Allan Gray Orbis, Momentum, Advanced Space, The Catalyst Africa & Hoorah Digital.


We welcomed more Hi5 Partners as the demand for experienced company culture & growth experts is increasing! Check them out on our Hi5 Partners page here.

Hi5 Partners training session


Besides running another 2 successful DisruptHR Cape Town events with Red & Yellow Creative School of Business and various sponsors, we launched a brand new seminar-style workshop event called Culture for Breakfast 🥐☕

John Mullins from Peopleswitch at one of our Culture for Breakfast events in Cape town

We hosted 5 successful Culture for Breakfast events this year in Durban, Cape Town and Paarl in collaboration with Appletree, Peopleswitch, EnOv8 & Workshop17 as well as various culture experts.

Book your tickets for upcoming Culture for Breakfast & DisruptHR Cape Town events >


Our user base has doubled this year, and grew exponentially in the US! We’re super proud that the efforts of our team has paid off. Many team Hi5’s have been going around as we celebrated our wins 🎉

What’s coming up in 2020?

We’re already working on pretty much the most exciting feature we’ve built yet, which will make it even easier for anyone to sign up to and use Hi5, as well as some more handy integrations that you’ll love.

We’re also working on another side-project (we can’t help ourselves!) to help you give candid feedback to the people closest to you that you care about most. Follow us so you don’t miss out on the announcement!

Jumping into 2020 like:

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