The 10 Innovative Startups that are Changing Social Media

With more than 3.7 billion social media users around the globe, here are some of the latest social platforms businesses are leveraging today.
The 10 Innovative Startups that are Changing Social Media
Bhavik Soni

In the digital era, social media has occupied a special place in the lives of people. With more than 3.7 billion social media users around the globe, businesses are leveraging social media platforms to reach out to more audiences.

Social media allows businesses to create better brand awareness and communicate their message to the target audience. It has changed the way in which businesses market their products and services.

Social media enables businesses to directly connect with the target audience, irrespective of where they’re based. The social media platforms serve as an excellent means of building a relationship with your potential customers and increasing your revenue.

There are a number of startups that are making a significant impact on social media. Here are the top 10 innovative startups that are changing social media today:

1. Kenshoo

Have you ever heard about Kenshoo? Well, Kenshoo is a leading company that offers agile marketing software to help marketers reach their sales objectives. It allows the users to effectively create as well as manage search, mobile, and social marketing campaigns.

This is one of those startups that is revolutionising the way in which businesses interact with the social media world.

Kenshoo bridges the gap between social and search data.

It helps in connecting users’ search queries on Yahoo, Google, and Bing with your Twitter and Facebook advertisements. It also provides you with helpful tools to analyse social media data, find your target audience and optimise the performance of campaigns.

Moreover, the company is backed by Sequoia Capital and Bain Capital Ventures. Kenshoo is indeed an incredible tool for companies who want to make the most of the social media channels they’re using.

2. Conspire

Many people have a perception that due to the large number of connections on LinkedIn, many connections become meaningless. Conspire helps in correcting this wrong. With the use of your email, the company analyses all your emails and contacts.

On the basis of frequency of communication, Conspire identifies how strong your connections are.

The company can also help you learn the skills of crafting better emails for greater reach. Moreover, Conspire allows you to easily determine the average response time with particular contacts. This enables the users to communicate effectively and expand their reach.

3. Bubbly

Bubbly is an innovative startup with nearly 40 million users around the globe. It has a large number of users in the Middle East and Asia.

In the era of visually appealing videos, Bubbly differentiates itself by offering beneficial audio solutions.

Bubbly is a popular social media platform that enables users to craft engaging voice recordings and share them with friends, family, and followers. The platform allows you to easily add pictures and texts to the voice recordings.

4. Frilp

Frilp is the abbreviation of Friend’s Help. Frilp is one of the latest startups that is significantly impacting the world of social media. The company is making its way into the social network of reviews and recommendations.

Frilp aims at spreading recommendations just like they are done in real life.

In other words, it helps in spreading recommendations through a network of family, friends, and acquaintances.

With the use of your workplace, social network, and address book, Frilp creates a Frilp network. Through the network, you can easily ask questions and gain ideas and recommendations relating to where to shop, eat, or explore.

Frilp is all set to bring about a change in the way in which people find online recommendations. It reduces information overload and provides you with accurate information from the right source.

5. Denim Social

Managing your social media accounts is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time as well as effort. Moreover, when your business has more social media accounts, it becomes all the more difficult.

Denim Social comes to help and provides the appropriate solution to the problem.

Denim Social provides users with marketing automation and social media management software for better outcomes.

6. SocialFlow

SocialFlow is a renowned software startup that is leveraged by top brands to optimise their delivery of messages on different social platforms.

The platform allows businesses to post content on social media at the right times for better engagement.

The company focuses on increasing the visibility of brands and growing its reach in this competitive arena. Partnered with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest, SocialFlow is a popular social media analytics company.

SocialFlow understands the challenges faced by businesses while posting on social media and provides effective solutions to address them.

7. Unmetric

The demand for social media analytics is on the rise. With the use of analytics, businesses can measure their performance and easily find ways to enhance the outcomes.

Unmetric is a social media analytics and intelligence startup.

The company offers various helpful measurement tools for businesses to help them achieve greater success.

Unmetric even provides you with a list of successful social media campaigns to gain some ideas. You can also make a comparison of the campaigns and craft yours accordingly to stand out in the crowd.

Moreover, this platform keeps you updated about your social media campaigns in real-time. So, you can analyse the results and plan accordingly to make the necessary improvements to your campaign.

8. 500px

500px is a popular photo community of fans and photographers. It allows the users to follow different photographers and like the photos of individuals they know. You can also see what your friends are liking or following on the site.

The photos posted on the site are also available to people for purchase. You can purchase the photos and use them for print, web, or reselling purposes.

500px offers a space to find and buy high-quality photographs for your different campaigns.

9. Flipboard

Flipboard is a kind of Pinterest for RSS mash-up and articles. The platform selectively picks the best content from different trusted sources and presents them in an eye-catching format. The platform searches all over the internet to find the most trending content.

On the basis of your interests and preferences, you can easily customise your Flipboard content feed.

With more than 70 million users monthly, Flipboard is expected to evolve as a bigger content curation platform.

You can also leverage this platform to craft your own magazine by using photographs and flipping articles.

10. Yik Yak

Have you heard about Yik Yak? Well, you must have! Yik Yak is a platform that allows users to create Twitter-style short posts, which can then be used for voting.

The speciality of the platform is that it enables the creation and viewing of discussion threads within a 5-mile radius only.

However, from other areas, you can read the posts but not comment or vote on them.


Social media is evolving continuously. In order to make the most of social media, it is best to leverage the services offered by these innovative startups. Start collaborating with the companies and experience exceptional outcomes for your business.

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