Top 5 Platforms for Coworkers’ Communication and Management

Depicting the consequences of poor communication and management, however, showing how a company can fix this or prevent it from happening.
Top 5 Platforms for Coworkers’ Communication and Management
Jessica Chapman

Communication is an essential aspect of a business, and if not done correctly, it could cause business failure. This is no exaggeration, and a lot of studies have been conducted to this effect.

One of the good things about the modern workplace is that it has gone digital and revolutionized how employees communicate in the workplace. It has also affected how work is done with the advent of remote working or working from home. Office work does not need to be done in the office environment, and communication has surpassed the era of just faxes and emails.

The major problem now is picking the best platform to ensure effective communication among employees, as most of them are not in the office space. If contact is not properly managed, there could be work disharmony. Thus, it is now vital that one choose the best platform to allow employees to communicate and better manage tasks. Below, we would provide 5 top platforms which would help you solve your communication and Management problems.

Effects of Communication Problem

People want to gloss over the problems communication cause. Still, to stress the importance of these platforms to your business and employee productivity, we would give you some workplace issues caused by communication. They are:

1. Stress in the Workplace

When there is good communication and effective communication channels or platforms in the workplace, workers feel good and stable. This is due to them knowing tasks to prioritize, the duty to queue, feedback on performance, etc.. When there isn’t effective communication between employees, they feel frustrated, overloaded, tense, and overworked.

The lack of communication makes them attempt to do all task at once and fail.

For instance, if your company is involved in paper writing services review, you must communicate with your team, or they’d end getting consumed by the workload of providing custom essay papers and become unproductive.

Thus, to increase efficiency in your workplace, you must prioritize communication and invest in platforms that will allow seamless communication among employees. Remember, the better your employee communication, the higher your revenue. You don’t have too much choice as studies show that most work responsibilities involve collaboration among employees.

2. Breakdown in Work Relationships

This is a direct consequence of increased stress levels in the workplace. Workers tend to take out their frustrations on their fellow employees, and some even take it out of the workplace, and it negatively impacts their relationships. In work, accusations will become the order of the day, with employees who are unsure of their priorities would look for someone to blame. Trust becomes scarce around the workplace, and trust is necessary in the modern workplace that requires collaboration more than ever.

3. Mental Health Issues

Stress has some dangerous effects on the body, and this would only continue unless there is a solution that would cause stress to reduce. The solution to these particular circumstances, being effective communication. Now can you see why an effective communication platform is important?

The Top 5 Platforms for Coworkers’ Communication and Management

The Top 5 platforms are guaranteed to make communication more comfortable for you. Some of the benefits of using these platforms are;

· There would be improved communication in the workplace.

· There is a direction to the workflow, and employees focus on the task based on priority.

· Increase in trust among employees.

· Stronger work relationships.

The top 5 platforms are:

1. Chanty

Chat incorporates what all employees need to achieve higher levels of productivity. Chanty allows its users to chat, have voice calls, video calls, and share their screen. Chanty also offers some essential project management and can again turn messages on it into tasks. Chanty works well with file storage and sharing app like Google Drive and Dropbox. It also has a feature called Teambook, where you can get instant access to your task, messages and contacts all in a single place.

2. ProofHub

ProofHub is primarily a management tool which is best suited to helping your employees manage their project. It allows the organization of files, planning and tracking projects. It also has permits chatting among employees to be able to discuss projects, and this chatting has a mention feature to specifically seek the attention of the employee you need to communicate with.

3. Troop Messenger

This platform is suited to creating a feeling of being of something in employees as they communicate with members of the workspace across all levels. There is personal conversation feature, video calls, voice calls, screen sharing, voice messages, message filtering etc.. It also has file sharing features, and you can also preview files on it before sharing. Users of this platform praise it for its brilliance.

4. Google Docs

This is a popular application among employees, and it is good for task collaboration with its Docs and Sheets features which allows multiple people to work on a file simultaneously with all their changes saving automatically. This platform’s drawback is that it has limitations of chatting and direct communication, unlike the platforms above. While it is suitable for attending to files and quickly dispatching tasks, it has to be paired with a communication app.

Thankfully, Google has a few of those in Google Meet, which allows screen sharing, virtual meetings and conferences, and Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is a robust communication app that allows ease of use, both group and personal communication among its users.

5. Slack

Slack is a platform that quickly comes to mind when thinking about platforms that help with employee collaboration and communication. It has a chat feature that would allow employees to communicate with each other while also sharing files among themselves.

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