How Creative Training can Boost Your Employee Productivity and Morale

3 Strategies for better employee development.
How Creative Training can Boost Your Employee Productivity and Morale
Emily Wilson

Morale is the essential element that makes the difference between a smooth-running organization, and one that could be. It is intangible and has no unit of measurement in order to be easily studied, replicated and applied for maximum effect. Still, companies that are in tune with the times are investing considerably in active efforts to maintain morale on an optimal level. So what is the problem?

Modern employees are much pickier than the generations of workers of yore.

If everyone is agreeing with what we are saying here, reported morale should be at all-time highs. The thing is, modern employees are much pickier than the generations of workers of yore. The elements that make up a motivated worker are much more intricate, complicated and numerous. The human relation experts are required to show much more creativity when devising programs for boosting morale.

Here are some of the more creative 🎨 strategies that can help you increase the company’s morale that suits your budget, industry and preferences the most.

1) Opportunities for professional development

Learning, education and development have possibly the greatest influence on people’s lives. In both professional and personal spheres of life, people do not want to stagnate, they want to move on to better and greener pastures. They want the responsibility, the prestige, of a certain occupation and of course, the compensation that comes with it.

If a person is driven, they will achieve their desires with or without your help. It is in everyone’s interest for you to provide them with all the opportunities that they require. Otherwise, they will find it elsewhere, outside of your sphere of influence. It is better for them to acquire higher positions, reach their goals, receive those desired bigger salaries and bonuses and be recognized in your company rather than some other one.

In order for you to harness this great potential, start introducing training and other forms of professional development strategies. Not only will you reach great employee retention, but you’ll also improve morale and overall organization performance levels.

Your training needs to be relevant in many aspects. The industry and niche you find your organization in prioritizes certain desired traits that can be obtained through training. It is highly subjective and is up to you to determine which skills and qualifications are most needed in your organization. But, you will need to get even more granular than that.

In the same organization, different teams and groups of employees are conducting different business operations and therefore require completely different types of training. Make sure to target specific employee groups with adequate knowledge and types of education.

2) The right tools for the job

The skills of your team are important but so are the tools used to employ them. The more tools an employee has at their disposal, the better the performance of your business will be. Using those tools requires certain skills, knowledge and sometimes, certifications.

Another very important form of training is on teaching your workforce how to effectively use the tools provided to them. Efficiency is a major requirement, but so is personal safety and the safety of people around you.

When it comes to digital skills, like time and productivity apps, tools for better collaboration and all sorts of different communication applications, we are spoiled for choice.

The good news is that these all work using a similar principle and are easy to master and use effectively. There are plenty of online courses and tutorials that everyone can use and quickly learn the basics of any consumer digital program.

When it comes to physical tools like construction and heavy machinery, it becomes a little bit more complicated. Reportedly, people have the best response with hands-on approaches when dealing with the physical tools of any kind. Which makes sense — humans are primarily visual learners. It is important to get the mechanics of operating a tool down to every detail. Live demonstrations with worker participation are a great way to improve operating efficiency and performance.

Humans are primarily visual learners.

A corporate role-play event could be more suitable for safety and security training. The better grasp your employees have of their tools, the better it is for everyone.

3) Autonomy and not micromanaging

One of the most prized principles to adopt in order to raise productivity and morale, is employee autonomy. Managers do tend to micromanage and therefore hinder the performance of their subordinates.

Individuals need to take ownership of how they manage their own resources in the forms of time and effort.

As long as their deadlines are met and they are accomplishing their duties in a timely manner, a superior does not need to butt in. It is the most efficient principle for everyone because it is self-correcting. People need and want to operate independently and let their results speak for themselves. Everyone operates differently and it’s simply impossible for a single manager to optimally micromanage everyone else’s time and efforts.

Live and let live, others know best how to accomplish their tasks, give them the opportunity to do so. The one exception is when you have a new person on the job that requires instructions and training. That is where our previous points come into place. In time, autonomy and self-reliance will become the norm for everyone.

Training and education plays a major role in people’s personal and professional development. It is also a crucial factor in their feelings about their job and their employers. Make sure to make the most out of your employees’ potential for a brighter, more productive and a happier tomorrow.

About the author

Emily Wilson is a psychology student from Sydney and a freelance writer with 4-years’ experience, passionate about inspiring readers to make healthier life choices. She is also a marketing and design enthusiast who enjoys travelling.

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